Monday, July 5, 2010


Yesterday I decided to make a table out of some scrap wood my husband was getting ready to throw away. The wood has been sitting out in the barn for a couple of years just waiting for me to get motivated to make something out of it. Here is the table put together.

I have the first coat of black paint on, I think it is looking pretty darn good. Every time I look at this table I get happy. I love it! My kids are tired of me telling them how fabulous it is every time they walk by. I can't wait for it to be finished. Can't decide if I should leave it black. We have a Halloween party every year and black table with a great big pumpkin in the middle would look great!

Or maybe I should paint it a dark red to match my house. My house is gray with white trim, my doors and shutters are painted a dark red. I could leave it out on my patio all year and it would blend with the house. Plus the red would look really good at our 4th of July party.

This is my inspiration piece. Maybe I should crackle it and paint a coat of white over the top of the black. Decisions, Decisions!

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