Thursday, February 26, 2009

Award and a fabulous blog

Ashley from Domestic Divas Fancy has given me an award, the Sister Hood Award. I'm always amazed that people find my blog worthy of an award. So thank you Ashley.

If you are a scrapper or crafter, you will LOVE Ashley's blog, go check it out. Below are a few photos I stole from her site.
On her blog she features amazing scrapbook rooms every Saturday. Don't you just love the way these boxes look? I have those little round circles. Today I will probably spend most of the day labeling things.

Look at this jar she has next to her washing machine for when she finds change. Beside my washing machine is an ugly plastic container. This is so much cuter than what I have, and I probably have those same stickers somewhere in my craft room.

She offers inspiration to the crafters.

And she gives inspiration to the decorators.

And every once in a while, she has inspiration for the baker.

Go check out her blog, you will not be disappointed.


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow, another fabulous blog. Just what I needed, another obsession! :)
Congrats on the award, you deserve it!

Momovthree said...

Congrats on the award! I'm off to check that blog out now.

~CC Catherine said...

Hey Wendy., I've missed you girl! You've not participated in any theme days for awhile! ;( I had to come lookin for you to make sure you were okay! You're probably trying to balance life more., eh? I need to do that! I took the BLog Addiction test OliveRue posted about...I'm sunk, I rated 70% addicted. ~lol Well, just wanted to stop by and say hello! This post today was sweet....Congrats on your awards! ;) ~CC Catherine

DomesticDivasFancy said...

Awww, thank you so much. I am so glad that I have people that like my blog. It is just amazing how many people share my love for the hobbies and things I do. Thanks for such a great post, I am honored. And you soooo deserve that award, I love your blog.

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats on the award Wendy!

Her blog looks really great. I'll have to go check it out soon.

Come and see my new blog makeover if you have a moment! ;)

Connie said...

Wendy, When you have time, please stop over at my blog as I have an award for you.

Thanks, Connie :)

Momovthree said...

Hey Wendy. Just checking in. You usually don't go so long between posts so I wanted to make sure you were okay. I hope all is well! :)

Miss Janice said...

Love the photos...some great ideas!