Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nester's 10 ways to avoid a house you will love

Yesterday, Nester blogged about not having a house that you love, here they are,

1. Worry that it's never good enough.

Big problem for me. The minute I get done with a project, I'm ready to move on to a new one. Next on the list, the boys' bathroom. Ok, Nester would agree that this bathroom is NOT good enough. It needs a major redo. I know you all jealous of the toilet in the shower! As soon as Dave, my carpenter, can make it here, this bathroom is going to be transformed. The projects on the list are, painting, bead board, crown molding, framing the mirror, mistreatments (shower curtain).

2. Put off doing anything because you don't know where to start.

This is me. My husband is not a handy man so Dave, my carpenter, has a list of things a mile long he needs to do when he gets here. The problem, I only get Dave about 2 times a year.

3. Aspire to have a home just like the ones you see in the magazines.

This one is me also. I can paint, buy the furniture, have the window treatments made, but I can not table scape. My downfall is accessories and hanging pictures. I can not accessorize if my life depended on it. Magazines have stylist and everything looks as if it was made for that spot. Sadly this will never be my home.

4. Tell yourself you don't deserve it.

This one is not a problem for me.

5. Assume you can't have anything pretty because you have kids and not much money.

I use to have trouble with this one. Finally I found that if you make them clean what ever they dirtied, they are usually better at taking their shoes off at the door, or being more careful. (This goes for the main floor only, for some reason they don't care what their rooms look like). This is another reason why I love Nester, she uses what she has and spends NO $$$$.

6. Study up on all of those rules that the real designers tell you not to break.

This one is also a problem for me. I have more books and magazines then I have room for. Trying to remember all the rules gets so confusing.

7. Sulk because you are a renter.

This one is not a problem for me.

8. Complain because your husband won't do anything in the house.

I wish my husband was a handy man, but he is not, and nothing is going to change that. That is why I have Dave.

9. Be afraid.

This one I do not have a problem with. My house is painted just about every color. My mother tells me I have a puke yellow dinning room and a diarrhea green family room. (Sorry, I know too much information). I don't care what she thinks, I love it. Diarrhea Green
Puke Yellow

Now be honest, are the colors that bad?

10....what am I forgetting?


Olive Rue said...

I know just what you mean. I sit and look at photos and different decor blogs and I just have to finally walk away from my computer.

My husband is about to commit to Bloggers annoymous! He says he never sees me anymore. I'm trying to blog less and do better.

You are so welcome. I'm glad the photo made it to your house safely. You've always been such a sweet friend and loyal blog reader that I wanted to show my appreciation and hopefully put a smile on your face.

A tip: if you are going to have it framed with a mat I would try Hobby Lobby 1st. Every other week they run a 50% off sale on all frames and mats. You can also find a 40% coupon on their website. Enjoy!

Tanielle said...

I love your wall colors, they are so gorgeous. I love anything with some color. It makes it "happy".

Momovthree said...

NO, the colors are not bad at all! I think they look great. You have to do what you love. I know there are things I do here and my parents come over and look at me like I'm crazy. I don't care, if I enjoy it, it stays.

DomesticDivasFancy said...

I love those colors! By the way stop over at my blog to pick up an award I have for you!