Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pantry Storage Ideas

After reading all the blogs where they have cleaned out and organized their pantries, I have been bitten by the bug. I did a Internet search to see what kind of ideas I could come up with to make my pantry better. I found this picture at Paradise Closets. Nice, but my family eats other things than "blue". I think when they went grocery shopping they threw everything with a blue label in their cart.

This has to be about the neatest pantry I have seen. But seriously, who has the space to do this? And how much $$$$ did those jars come to? If this was my pantry, I think I would go in there everyday and just look at it.
I love this idea. A basket with all the ingredients you need for that night's meal. I don't have room for 7 baskets, but neat idea. And if I had 7 baskets, I would actually have to plan what I was going to fix that night. No more of hubby calling to tell me he will be home in 30 minutes and me running to the kitchen frantically trying to decide what to fix.

No matter how hard I try, my pantry will never be this organized.

Not wanting to spend $$$$$, I think maybe I should just go organize it. Maybe tomorrow I will post pics. Or maybe I should post Friday. I haven't posted a Declutter Friday picture in a long time. I'm off to start cleaning!


Karla said...

I agree, the pantry full of jars would be fun to look at every day, but sheesh...expensive to make it happen! I LOVE the basket idea containing the ingredients for each meal! It wouldn't work for me, but I love it none the less! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Can't wait to see your finished pantry!


Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow, I would be happy if my pantry looked like any of those! Especially those jars, how cool is that?
When your done with your pantry, will you come and clean mine?

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You don't have wait to read the book...just click on the link in the post and you can hear the whole story!

Anonymous said...

I have the pantry with all the jars clipped out of the magazine and in my file folder! That is my dream pantry.

Connie said...

Wendy, You mean yours doesn't look like that ?
Isn't it just out of this world. I had a friend with staggered tupperware and she kept her cereals,
snacks, staples, etc. all lines up perfectly. I used to tease her that if she gets up at 5 am, what else is there to do.
Seriously, to be a good scrapper, I think, you have to have organization, or you can spend hours looking for something that is right under your nose.
Your place always looks nicel