Thursday, January 1, 2009

HGTV Dream Home

I'm sitting here drooling over the new HGTV Dream House. Is there such a thing as a house being too big? I know in the past most people can't afford the upkeep or the taxes and have to sell. One year's winners said they are quickly running through their winnings as they struggle to pay thousands a month for electricity, household help and other outsize bills for their outsize home. On top of that, they had to take out a loan to pay off a $672,000 tax bill on their winnings. Yikes!

But a person can still dream!

I love this year's Dream Home. The bathroom is to die for. When I redo my bath, I want it to look just like this year's home.
Sorry the pics. are so big. Click on them to see the entire picture.

Look at the detail, they think of everything when designing the house. Wouldn't you love to have Linda Woodrum's job. Have an unlimited budget and the best shops all over the country to shop from. I must say though, when she was on her shopping spree, I was seeing a lot of things I wanted that she did not buy. Even the closet is spectacular!

The guestroom is great too! I don't think guest would ever want to leave this room. I'm loving the touches of red with the black and white photos.


Connie said...

Your rooms are so neat and clean looking. I especially love your bathroom with the claw tub and blinds.
I love your taste and the neatness of it all. You must enjoy it so much !

Elizabeth said...

I want it too. I always love the HGTV dream homes. I could live in that closet!

Denise said...

I agree. That is definitely a DREAM home!