Sunday, January 4, 2009

Take a tour of my craft room

With the New Year here, just about every message board or blog I visit, they are talking about getting organized. I love the look of everything organized, I just wish my stuff would stay that way. With today's post I thought I would let you look at my craft room and see how I organize some of my things. This is one area that does stay pretty organized. I don't think I'm considered a scrapbooker, I'm more of a collector of scrapbook materials. Seems I'm always buying and never making.

This is the area you see when you walk in my craft room. The curtain on the bottom cabinets hide my sewing machine. That is my big old dinosaur computer, I keep it because it has a lot of great fonts that our laptop does not have, and the Internet was way too slow on it. Just want to point out the big Longaberger basket on the counter, I love that thing. It is their "laundry" basket. I use it when I have parties, just fill it with ice and stick water bottles, cans of pop etc. down in it. It's so big it stores lots of drinks, it takes about two bags of ice to fill it. At the moment I'm using it to store items we are sending to the soldiers in Iraq. When I go shopping I pick up personal items such as razors, toothbrushes, playing cards, gum etc. I throw it in the basket and when it is full we will pick a solider to send it to. It's getting pretty full, we need to get another box together.

Across the top in the small cabinets is where I keep all of my albums.

I started buying these stackable drawers at Michael's, and wouldn't you know it, when I had about half of them bought, they quit selling them. Oh well, if I had more I would just have to buy more supplies to fill them up.
I store all of my ribbons in them. That is another thing I have too much of. I think I have them for every holiday. I have so much that I don't think I will ever run out, but sure enough I go to a craft store and find some I have to have.
Christmas Ribbon
Everyday Ribbon
Fall, 4Th of July and Easter Ribbon
This is how I store all of my 8 x 11 card stock. I have a notebook for each color. Inside I have page protectors and have each pattern in a protector. On the spine I have what color is in each notebook. As you can see, this notebook has all of my Red pattern card stock. When I was scrap booking and card making, I always bought in bulk. It never failed, I would start a project, run out of paper, go back to get more and they would be out of it. I would then run all over town trying to find one sheet of paper. Finally when I started a project I bought what I needed plus lots and lots of extra.

This area is where I store all of my stamps. My mom and aunt both sold Close to My Heart Stamps. I don't know how many stamps I have, I just know there are a lot.

Each drawer is labeled with what is in them. Some of the labels are Christmas, Fall, sports, flowers, animals, transportation etc.
And last is my Papered Chef that stores utensils, I use it for my pens and pencils. At one time when I was really into the crafts, this thing was full of markers. I just recently went through and cleaned out the room and the pens were one of the first things to go.


Susan said...

WOW! If I had a craft room... that is what I want it to look like!

I have needlework materials.... but I could fill the room!

Denise said...

What a great room! Love how you have your cardstock.

Diane said...

Oh wow! I LOVE your craft room! I always wanted one & it just never happened, so my disorganized supplies are stored in several rooms, then of course I don't remember what I have... ☺ Diane