Saturday, January 24, 2009

What is your design style?

I took the Design Quiz at HGTV. You do have to be signed in to take it. It ask a question and then shows about 12 pictures. You click on the style that you like. At the end of the quiz it tells you what your style is and then gives you examples. If you have time, go check it out. I took the quiz a couple of times. I had trouble on some of the questions picking just one. I posted some of my answers.

My style is Romantic
Elegant yet relaxing. Luxurious fabrics, soft colors, fresh florals. Appeals to all the senses and sets a warm mood. My home has Romantic style.

On my second time taking the quiz, this is my style....

My style is Old World, New Way
Deep, rich and regal but muted for a time-worn effect. Finishes are distressed, woodwork is rough-hewn. A lived-in but luxurious old world.

Here are the questions.

1. I could get a great nights sleep here.

2. My dream kitchen would look most like this.

3. I could find the perfect spot in my home for this.

4. My refrigerator looks most like this.

5. I would love to come home to this.

6. I would accessorize using this.

7. Where I live looks most like this.

8. I can see myself unwinding here.

9. I would like to throw a dinner party here.

10. This is the stage of my life now. (This one I am not sure of. The choices they gave with kids, the kids were babies or college. My kids are young teenagers that want nothing to do with their parents. So I chose the couple by themselves.)

11. My desk looks more like this.

12. I approach home projects like this.

What is your design style?


Chrissy said...

Hi.... great post, I often think about what style I am, I think a mix of a most people!!

Momovthree said...

Hi Wendy,
There is an award waiting for you on my blog. I'm so glad to have "met" you.

mimi charmante said...

I clearly need your email address...
I can send you the little video she sent me, or find her link to her tutorial as it made it so easy for me!

Olive Rue said...

Oh this sounds so fun! Thanks for posting this. I haven't been to HGTV in a while.

Thanks for commenting on the Love photo. I've now added a black and white version to the blog, thanks to you my sweet friend. :-)

DomesticDivasFancy said...

That was said my style was Crafted Simplicity
Simple shapes and strong lines. Fine craftsmanship mixes with natural materials. Arts & Crafts, Mission and Shaker work for me.

Which is partially true...I like rustic and shabby, maybe that is those two mixed together.

Kimm said...

I'm not sure I could name my style, so I'm going to go take that quiz! Maybe "early Goodwill?"