Saturday, March 14, 2009

Boys' Bathroom- Lights

My husband worked late and the kids went roller skating. I have the house to myself on a Saturday night, what should I do? Well, of course, put up a new light.

I called the electrician but he won't be here until next week. I can't wait that long! So I decided to do it myself.

Here is the before, Yuck, Ugly, Bad!

This is much better. The light is centered. The angle of the picture makes it look off to the side, but I assure you, it is in the middle of the mirror.

Yes! It works!

Granna: if you have a light there, you are going to have to put your new light in its place. Otherwise you will need to patch sheetrock, and that's a lot more work than I want to do. If the location of your old light is in a bad spot, I would suggest hiring it done. They will need to move wires, patch sheetrock.


Granna said...

I have a similar bathroom mirror and and ugly light I'm getting ready to replace. How far above the mirror should I put the light? I like the light - I've been looking at the same one. This bathroom has 70's pink tile that I can't replace, so I'm making the bathroom pink and brown. The vanity cabinet is going to be chocolate brown. The walls are the color of a chocolate milkshake. Enjoy your blog....Julie

Bonjour Madame said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, it really does look like a club house, it's great. I'm impressed you installed the light. I'm terrified of doing this myself. Did you just follow directions or have you done this before? It looks great.

emily said...

You are super woman. I am afraid of wires and stuff. Great job and HUGE improvement! Love it!

Screaming Meme said...

I love it! I think the boys are pretty happy too! :) Its a great transformation! Meme

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Wow! You are such a ROCK STAR! I have never gone anywhere near electrical stuff, you're my idol!

Granna said...

It's me again....I forgot to add...if I move the light higher I'll also move the mirror higher to hide the hole where the old light was mounted (or patch the hole in the sheetrock). I need someone to tell me how high the light needs to be to see good in the mirror. The old light seems to be too low.

Anonymous said...

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