Monday, March 9, 2009

Boys' Bathroom Redo--Paint colors

Today I started the bathroom redo. You can read about it at the bottom of this post. These are the colors I am putting in the room. Help me decide on the wall color. I will be painting the bathroom cabinets black.

These are the pictures.

These are the towels.
So far I only have one coat of paint on. The red you can still see white thru it. If I go with the red, it will be a very dark red. This color is a little off, so if I go with red, I will have it matched to the towels.
Red on bottom, Hopsack (dark Khaki) on top. Hopsack is the same color in my hallway.
Hopsack (dark Khaki) on top, Sawdust (Green) on bottom.
White on bottom, Latte (light Khaki) on top.

So which one do you like? Or do you like any of them. Maybe I should pick entirely different colors.


Kimm at Reinvented said...

My favorite is the white on bottom with the latte on the top. But I also like the red on the bottom, with either beige on top. You're right, red is hard to match.

Karla said...

My vote goes to the tan on top and red on bottom! :) I'm sure it will look awesome which ever way you go though! Love your accessories! Can't wait to see it!


Debbie said...

Hey Wendy, I love both colors...I am partial to red, I have a little in every room, so the red would be great. If you decide to go with the green, that would look good too, just accessorize with red. Good luck, can't wait to see the final room. Debbie

Lisa (aka) French said...

The first one;) The red and tan are my favorite;) Whatever you do i know it will look great;) Hugs French xoxo

Tanielle said...

I just can't wait to see it!!! Good luck! The accessories are so cute and fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy. I recently discovered your blog and thought I'd quit lurking and actually leave a comment. ;) I really like the red on bottom with hopsack on top. I think it would look really good with the pictures- which I love. Very cute.

Have a blessed day!
Stacy D.

Julie said...

My vote on the color scheme is to ask Zach & Nick which they prefer.

Janice said...

I know it wasn't one of your choices, but I say go for the hopsack on the top and white bottom. My office is similar colors and I love it.

Miss Janice said...

I like the khaki on top and red on the are doing a great job!

Trisha said...

I was just googling the color "sawdust," which we saw on a kitchen wall yesterday (absolutely gorgeous). Can you please tell me what brand you were using or where you found that color? Thanks so much! Patricia, Des Allemands, Louisiana