Monday, March 9, 2009

Boys' Bathroom Redo-- Day 1

Today I started the bathroom redo. My friend, Cindy, came over to help me get started. Here are the before pictures.

The bathroom is UGLY, UGLY, UGLY. We have never done a thing to it. It is just a plain old builder's box. My kids never use it. Even in the middle of the night if they need to use the restroom, they come downstairs and use my bathroom or the guest bathroom. We have lived in this house for 20 years and I think that shower has been used about 5 times. I'm hoping when it gets finished they will start using it.
Here I am getting started. I made a trip to town this morning and bought all of my trim. I'm trying to do this entire bathroom on a budget of $250.00. My trim, nails, caulking and hooks to hang the towels on came to $89.84, minus $5.00 for the bags of candy my kids bought. So, trim came to $84.84.
Here I am nailing the boards on the wall, Cindy is running the camera. Right about now I'm wishing I had a nail gun. Look how straight those boards are. Who needs a man?
One wall down, 3 to go. I think it will look really nice once it gets a coat of paint.
Oh, the fun stuff, accessories. The boys each picked what color of towels they wanted. Zach's are blue, Nick's are red. The jars I found at Wal-mart on clearance. I have been looking at them for the last several months because I wanted them for my pantry. Today when I spotted "Clearance" I bought every single one. I thought they would be neat with bars of soap in them. The old looking pictures I had. I bought them last summer with the bathroom in mind. The old locker baskets came from our local grade school. The brackets I bought from Pottery Barn in 2003, I have never taken them out of the box, I think this will be the perfect time to use them.

Home Depot, trim $84.84
jars 2 @ $3.00 6.00
Towels 54.00
Pictures ( I already had)
Shelf Brackets ( I already had)

Total $144.84

I have $110.00 left. I still need to buy paint, new knobs, rug for the floor, lamp and trim for the mirror.

Check back tomorrow, I'm painting.

Now I'm going to go clean my kitchen. It started raining before I had all the boards cut so we moved the saw in on my kitchen cabinets. I can't stand looking at a dirty kitchen. This is SCARY!

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Kimm at Reinvented said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those accessories!