Friday, March 20, 2009

Yard Visitors

These were the visitors we had this morning. I looked out the bedroom window and there were 10 deer in the middle of Nick's RC track. By the time I ran and got my camera, some of them had left.(Don't they know they are to remain together and standing still until I take their photo?) The photo is not that great. Taking it through the screen blurred the pic. And then when I opended the window, the deer that were still there ran off.


Julie said...

I didn't take a picture, but last night I had an exciting visitor! Maggie, one of our cats, wanted inside & Alan let him in & he came directly to me & jumped up on my lap. Normally, I'd really like that...not this time! Somehow, he was COVERED in wet, slimy MUD! It was dripping off of him! From head to tail. We have no idea how this happened! Somehow, though, your 10 visiting deer make for a much nicer picture!

Donna Lynn said...

I love the way the picture turned out through the screen. Sorry about your sons arm, my son did that when he was 16 on his motorcycle too! Boys!!
I scrolled down and looked at your bathroom re-do, it is wonderful, love the red walls and the black cabinet.

Blessings and happy Spring,
Donna Lynn

Our really empty nest said...

Wendy, We have lots of those visitors lately too. They are everywhere!