Sunday, December 21, 2008

Colors for 2009

My kitchen is a pale yellow and I decided to maybe change the color. I'm one of those people that when I finally like a color, it is on the way out. I went to the Sherwin Williams site to see what upcoming color trends will be big in 2009. After seeing some of their picks, I probably will not catch on to this new trend until it is on the way out. This is what they said.

click here to see the Red/Orange I love reds, my living room is red. I'm just not that crazy about the shades they picked.

click here to see the Yellow/Green

click here to see the Neutrals The Umber I'm still undecided about. I can maybe see my hallway that color. Without natural light, it might be too dark.

Click here to see the Violet/blue

1 comment:

Creative Junkie said...

I am NEVER liking stuff when it's popular. When it's passed its prime and no longer available ... that's when I fall in love with it.

Paint colors included!