Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Some of you are telling me that I post about Zach all the time but you never see anything on my blog about Nick. Today I have absolutely nothing to blog about so here's one about my son Nick.

I have tons of pictures of Zach because he is always getting his picture taken because of motocross, but Nick doesn't really have a sport. When I do get a pic. of him he just about always has on camo or his hunting clothes.

This pic. was taken at Fort Leavenworth. I think he was in 1st grade. We took him to the Army base to get his hair cut, he had to have a High N Tight.
He went through a phase where he had to wear camo EVERYDAY. And when I say everyday, I mean everyday, he did not wear civilian clothes for almost 2 years. Not just the clothes, but the boots, hat, everything. It did make getting dressed in the morning pretty easy, he knew exactly what he was wearing. He even wore them when it was over 100 degrees in the summer. I think he is the only kid I know that wanted to do his back to school shopping at the Army surplus store. And I know for sure he was the only kid that wore combat boots to Track N Field day, he didn't win any races that day. When he finally did wear regular clothes to school one day, his teacher told me she did not recognize him when he came in that morning.

Fast forward to today, and this is him now.These are the pictures I get of him. Look closely he is hidden in the trees. He begged me to take him to the Army surplus to buy a "Gilly" suit.(you can probably guess by now, he loves shopping at the Army surplus store). When we came home, we spent the entire day of him hiding in the trees and me trying to find him. I never could find him. I did manage to find the poison ivy though.

If you couldn't find him in the above picture here's a better one.

So you see this is why I don't post many pics. of him, if he isn't out hiding in the trees, he is out digging foxholes in the backyard, that is a "hole" other story.

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AnNicole said...

Aren't kids hilarious?! I'm always laughing at the things my son does. Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy New Year!