Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrapping Gifts

All of my gifts are bought and ready to be wrapped. I do the same thing every year, wait until the last minute to start wrapping. Usually I'm still wrapping on Christmas Eve after the boys have gone to bed. I sit on the floor with a pile of gifts all around me, wrapping paper and little pieces of ribbon are everywhere. I can't count how many times I lose the tape and the scissors. If I had a wrapping station like this one, I know I would wrap a present as soon as it was bought. I would never lose my scissors or my tape. And I'm sure the room would always be as clean as the one in the picture.


Melissa Miller said...

I'm with you! That's really neat. :)

pooky225 said...

Wow i would like this too!!!!

Connie said...

Hi Wendy,
I'm trying to think where I saw the table in the middle. Pottery Barn had it a while ago, and I think it was Pier One last year. It came in black and white -- so gorgeous !
Well, we can dream.............:)